New • December 2020

📹 @Cha Is Typing...
I've started streaming on Twitch! Come hang out with me while I work on side projects (and do other random things I like).


Hi! You can call me Cha. ✌️ I'm an art school dropout and self-taught programmer.

Currently, I work as a Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead at Clubhouse. I'm an ex-Squarespace engineer, and am a proud alum of the Recurse Center.

I've been lucky to work on some fun projects with some smart people. I live in New York and spend most of my time writing code and playing table tennis.

I'm easy to find. Drop me an email or come join one of my Twitch streams! Links below.


Can I Go There?

Check visa requirements for any passport to any destination.

The Squarespace home page, a.k.a. Front Site (2016 - 2018).


A minimalistic Chrome Extension notepad.

Web Sparkle

A toolbox of web modules to add to your website.

designed in collaboration with Andre Ribeiro